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Welcome to The Mystic Dragonfly … What do we do here?

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master/Teacher in the Ocala, Florida area (Marion County).  I blend 40+ years of seeking and study and use the various tools I’ve acquired to create unique, one-of-a-kind energy-based healing sessions. I work with people of all ages and backgrounds as well as all creatures great and small and I specialize in remote (distance) energy sessions

I honor and hold sacred the uniqueness of all life and seek to help you create harmony and balance in the world around you. I provide a judgement-free, safe space filled with love and light.  I seek the highest good for all and help to clear the path so you can find you way to personal transformation. 

It’s not about figuring out what’s “wrong” so much as it’s about allowing the body to tap into what’s “right” and then fueling that feeling with more energy so your body can self-correct. Reiki is a way to re-align the energy field which helps us think, sleep, and feel better. Common benefits include: feeling peaceful, quieting of mind, and reducing or eliminating pain.  A personalized session may also incorporate methods and/or concepts based on:

Emotion Code
Donna Eden
Spiritual Laws
Chakra Balancing
Positive Affirmations
Louise Hay
Flower Essences
Sound/Color Therapy
Angel/Oracle Cards

Debi GoldbenSometimes that major, life-changing shift comes from a small piece of information which provides a breakthrough to clarity.  A message from your guardian angels might come through an angle/oracle card reading or even simply by “talking it out” with someone who is just willing to listen (Heart Hug Sessions).

Angels are non-denominational (almost every belief system in the world mentions them).  They are kind and loving and have only your best interest in mind.  They may admonish us, but it’s with unconditional love … never based in fear or anger.  They are always with you … ready to provide information.  But they need your permission to act.  Because we have a “free will”, they cannot step in without permission unless it is an emergency.

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Love and light

Testimonial:  “… a gifted intuitive reader…. incredibly spot on with details of today and possibilities of tomorrow…. I feel more at peace knowing time will heal all things. Thank you so much, Miss Debi.”

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