3-Card Spread

3 Card Spread

3 Card SpreadDespite its small number of cards, a 3-card spread can provide a great deal of insight into almost any area of your life. Check out this list of ideas. It will most likely give you even more ideas for how this little spread can be utilized to answer your questions.


Past ~ Present ~ Future
Today ~ Tomorrow ~ Next Day
Yesterday ~ Today ~ Tomorrow
What helps you ~ What hinders you ~ Your unrealized potential
The nature of the problem ~ The cause ~ The solution
Fears ~ How to Fight Them ~ Likely Outcome
What worked well ~ What didn’t work well ~ Key concepts learned
Context of the situation ~ Where you need to focus ~ Outcome
Where you stand now ~ Your aspirations ~ How to get there
Your aspirations ~ What’s standing in your way ~ How you can overcome it
What you can change ~ What you can’t change ~ What you may not be aware of
Current Issue/Situation ~ Action ~ Outcome
Current Issue/Situation ~ Obstacle ~ Advice
Waxing ~ Full Moon ~ Waning
CPU ~ Monitor ~ Keyboard
CPU – querent’s thoughts on the issue
Monitor – How the querent views the issue
Keyboard – What the querent can “input” so the issue will work in their favor
Gas ~ Liquid ~ Solid (Checking the status of what you’re trying to manifest)
Gas – What’s still “hanging out” in the ethers
Liquid – What’s starting to flow and come into your life
Solid – What’s completely manifested/visible to you

You ~ The other person ~ The relationship
What you want ~ What the other person wants ~ Where it’s heading
What brings you together ~ What pulls you apart ~ What needs your attention
How Coworkers See Me ~ How My Bosses See Me ~ How I Act at Work
* My perspective regarding relationship readings can be found here

Strengths ~ Weaknesses ~ Advice
Challenge ~ Opportunity ~ Action
Option 1 ~ Option 2 ~ What you need to know to make a decision
A possible solution ~ An alternative solution ~ How to choose
My current income situation ~ Near Future Income ~ Long Term Income
Problem ~ How to Solve It ~ Likely Outcome
Idea ~ Challenge ~ Advantage
Situation ~ Advice ~ Outcome
Where I am ~ Where I need to be ~ How do I get there
Red Light ~ Green Light ~ Yellow Light
Red Light ~ Don’t do this
Green Light ~ Go ahead and do this
Yellow Light – Caution ~ be careful ~ be aware of this

My Mind ~ My Body ~ My Spirit
Your conscious mind ~ Your subconscious mind ~ Your superconscious mind
Material state ~ Emotional state ~ Spiritual state
You ~ Your current path ~ Your potential
Stop ~ Start ~ Continue
What the Universe wants you to be ~ Personal qualities required ~ Action needed
My Goals ~ Challenges I Will Face ~ How to Overcome Them
My Magical Safety ~ Who/What Threatens Me ~ How to Protect Myself
How I’m Doing Magically ~ What I Can Improve ~ How to Improve
Who I Was ~ Who I Am ~ Who I Will Be
Who I’m Meant to Be ~ What to Change ~ I’ll Know I’m There When …
The Illusion ~ What I Know ~ How to find the Magic
Inner Self ~ Outer Self ~ Advice
Sun ~ Moon ~ Stars
Sun – What you see clearly
Moon – What you’re missing
Stars – What you wish would happen
Maiden ~ Mother ~ Crone
Maiden – What is just starting to develop
Mother – What is in “full bloom” or has a very robust energy
Crone – What is coming to pass or lessening in energy
Child ~ Parent ~ Adult
Child – Where you are (or need to be) like a child
Parent – Where you are (or need to be) like a parent
Adult – Where you are (or need to be) like an adult
Sun ~ Moon ~ Rising
Sun – Your individuality
Moon – Your inner self
Rising – Your outer personality
What Really Matters
Behind you
In front of you
Within you

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