Affirmations for the New Year

I enjoyed a year-end, year-beginning session with one of my coaches (Beth Katherine) yesterday.  I didn’t have anything specific in mind, just wanted to see what insight/intuitive information Beth might be able to give me as I closed one year and started the new one.

During the initial query part of the call, she asked me what I was excited about in my life.  To be honest, I don’t “get excited” … at least I don’t really FEEL excitement (that’s from a past life experience and I’m working on it … but that’s for another post).  Anyway, I realized I was kind of stoked about some cosmetic things I was doing at home (painting, re-doing my kitchen, etc) and the frugal ways which I’d found to make some drastic improvements … I adore frugal and fabulous and a good “find” can be pretty stimulating for me.

Beth scanned my chakras and we then talked about some stickiness in my root and sacral chakras and discussed where the beliefs causing the stickiness might come from.  We talked about possible affirmations and clearing work that I could do around these areas and I decided to change the affirmations I was using with my morning Rosary (prayer beads) to focus on these areas.  I took some time this morning to reflect and create them and thought I’d share them with you.  Feel free to use or modify them to fit your needs.

I begin my Rosary at the cross with a variation of the Prayer of Jabez.  I hadn’t thought about this prayer for many years until a month or so ago.  It helps me to connect with God/Goddess (Source, the Divine, etc.) and allows me to ask to be guided on my path for the day.  For the next 5 beads, I reflect on the elements (air, fire, water, earth, spirit) and ask to be shown how to better use their wisdom.  When I get to the 3-way Centerpiece, I focus on the Prayer of St. Francis and how I can walk the message in my daily life.  My mom used to play the organ at church and I always enjoyed the version that she played when I was little … I guess it’s kind of just stuck in my head (although the words are a little different now).

Then it’s on to the first decade (group of 10) — “I am fully embracing God’s dream of me.”  Don’t we all want to embrace God’s dream for/of us rather than the one the world seems to have painted for us?

The first single (mystery) bead — “Abundance is my birthright.”

Second decade — “Mother Earth abundantly supplies all my needs that I might share the excess with others.”

Second mystery bead — “Money easily comes from all directions.”  I keep the elements in my thoughts.

Third decade — “It is safe for me to be physically supported with earthly prosperity on this earth walk.”

Third mystery bead — “It is OK to be me.”

Fourth decade — “It is safe for me to be seen and heard.”  Speaks to beliefs that come from being imprisoned/hunted in past life times.

Fourth mystery bead — “I am deeply loved and valued.”

Fifth decade — “It is safe for me to share myself and my message.”

Back to the Centerpiece — “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” (Gandhi) which echoes the concepts of the Prayer of St. Francis. Then return to the five elements and close with “And so be it.  This or something better … for everyone’s highest good.”

Not the traditional Rosary but one that speaks to where I am today in seeking balance in my life and clearing things from the past which no longer serve me.  I think I’ll put some of my “Let It Go” essential oil blend in the diffuser in the days to come which will also assist me in letting go of limiting beliefs and moving forward on my path.  Note: I add a drop of Ho Wood (or Rosewood) … just because I add it to almost everything :).

Would love for you to share your thoughts/comments below.

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