Angel Numbers

All of my life, I’ve been one to think about and analyze things.  I am deeply philosophical by nature.  I plan things and I have been skeptical of the mystery surrounding the metaphysical world.  I have, in the past, been one who needed to see to believe.

I don’t know when this changed or even how.  One of my mantras now is “believing is seeing”.  Even so, when I first heard about the book Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue and Lynnette Brown, I again was skeptical that the numbers I was seeing as I went through my daily life held any meaning.  I could get on board with basic numerology and things like 11:11 or always seeing a number here and there.  But NOTICING numbers and feeling like they meant something … no, that was taking it all too far.

I am a light sleeper and I wake up several times throughout the night.  I’m sure the fact that I drink a LOT of water every day adds to the need for me to get up and amble to the bathroom as well.  I’d been working with listening more to my angels and I happened to start noticing the digital clock every time I’d wake up.  After about a week, I was seeing recurring number patterns.  I again remembered Angel Numbers and wondered.

I pick up books at yard sales and thrift stores all the time, but wanted to check this out pretty quickly.  I jumped on Amazon and found a Prime offer (ooooo, free shipping).

When it arrived, I read through the introduction (which was kind of a repeat from sections of other Doreen Virtue books which I’d read).  I then set it by my reading chair in the office.  This is part of my sacred space where I sit each morning for meditation and journaling.  I also printed off a calendar page for my journal so I could easily see a listing of numbers and contemplate any patterns.

As the days went by, I recorded the numbers on the calendar and looked them up on the book.  They most definitely related to what was happening in my life at THAT moment.

Now, I hadn’t really bothered to even skim through the entries (numbers 1 through 999).  I just figured they were kind of generic in nature and the skeptic part of me started thinking most any of the numbers would probably speak to the moment if I read a specific entry expecting it to meet the moment.

But, they don’t.  Last night, for instance, the number 955 came up as did 354.  When I look up the meaning for these numbers, they support each other.  If I look up the number for 828, it’s very different from the other two.  Not that 828 doesn’t at all apply, but it’s not in alignment the same way 955 and 354 are.

Our angels and guides really do give us messages in the form of numbers (as well as other signs/symbols).  This book helps interpret them and get a better understanding of that message.  Grab this book, check out the numbers that you “notice” in your daily life, and let the angels talk to you.  They most definitely have answers for your questions.

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