Angel & Oracle Card Readings

I offer a blend of card interpretation and intuitive insight.  I specialize in receiving information from the angelic and fairy realms and incorporating it into the reading.  My clients report a very high rate of accuracy and there are testimonials here if you’d like to review them.

For each reading, I use a main deck (which you can choose if you desire) and almost always make use of a second deck for additional clarity.  The second deck is one that I feel can provide the message you need most in this moment and is extra cards in addition to those needed for the main spread.

All Readings include a detailed, written PDF report covering the query of your choice (please see this link for my perspective on Relationship/Love readings).  The report also includes full-color images of the cards which were drawn.
You can choose from one of the following:

$ 20   3-Card Spread (40+ ideas are listed here)
$ 40   Mini Spread – 5-7 Cards
$ 75  Celtic Cross – 10 cards

Mini Spreads are popular as they give a more insight than a 3-card reading, yet they aren’t as long, intense, or expensive as a Celtic Cross (10 card) reading.  A Mini Spread can be used for almost any situation and are ideal when someone needs quick answers, help seeking a course of action, or support through a time of transition and change.  A Mini Spread addresses the main focus or area of concern; motivations or what’s behind the issue; problems, fears, challenges that need to be addressed; what changes might have a positive impact; process or possible outcome.

I periodically run specials (sometimes 50% off).  If you’d like to receive notice of these specials, please join my mailing list and you’ll be the first to know.

I mentioned earlier, I have several decks from which to provide your reading.  Or if you prefer, I will be glad to select the one I feel drawn to as it relates to your query.

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Karen G. August 6, 2016 California (US)

My reading from Debi was beautiful and inspiring. The deck used for my reading was The Enchanted Map. The cards were breathtaking and the message Debi gave me was filled with loving guidance. She was able to answer my question and much more. A highly gifted person you could trust to help you.

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