Angel Wings & Essential Oils

My family has used essential oils (EO) on and off for about 30 years … my mom got us started a LONG time ago.  I used them often when she was alive, but when she died about 12 years ago, none of the rest of us really picked up on it.  I think my niece got her oils, I got a book or two … but we never really did anything with it.

A couple of years ago, I went back to school for my massage therapy license and decided I wanted to incorporate some EO basics into my sessions.  I picked up some of my favorites and started doing a little research.  I even made a couple of blends for us when we had sore muscles or a stuffy cold.  And we converted all our cleaning products to homemade versions with EO and no toxic chemicals.

I loved the results and the fact that we were using less chemicals in our home.  I started studying a bit but realized being an aromatherapist wasn’t my calling.  I may still be trying to find what IS my calling, but I can tell when something ISN’T.

I’m working on a class that I’ll be teaching locally and on line.  I had been thinking an EO blend in a diffuser would be a great addition to my face-to-face class and that it would enhance our meditation time.  Trouble was, I couldn’t find one that sounded right when I Googled and I didn’t know anyone who was truly skilled.

I know a couple of the MLM folks who sell EOs, but I wanted someone who had really studied them and their properties and truly knew about their safety and efficacy and could knowledgeably create blends.  I also wanted someone who was intuitive and was working with their angels/guides as my experience has been that this allows true, deep, harmonizing work to take place.  I wanted a true aromatherapist.

One of my Facebook groups is comprised of a large number of healers and light workers.  The Admin suggested we post our specialties and what we might in return as a trade/barter.  That’s how I found Amanda!  And what a blessing she’s been.

I told her what I wanted the blend for and that I wanted it to be inviting and etheric.  She knocked it out of the park with her Angel Wings blend.  I was equally impressed with her ability to tell me why she had selected each element and how it worked within the blend.

Several weeks passed after our first session together and we agreed on another trade.  I have been working with an acupuncturist/energy healer for 6-8 months and we’ve been processing a ton of trapped emotions.  I was feeling more than a little overwhelmed with all the releasing and rebalancing that was taking place.  I knew I needed to stabilize in a BIG way.

I also knew from a recent past life regression that I had some issues surrounding joy and fun which needed healing so I could move forward.  I wear a happy face for people, but I wanted to FEEL joy in my life.  I explained the issue in detail to Amanda and asked that she allow our angels and guides to talk to her about just the right blend.  The other part of this was that I wanted to be able to put it in a roller ball and use it in place of deodorant.  I didn’t want it too sweet, too musky, too perfumey, or over-powering.  I don’t ask for much, do I?

Well, this one took her a little longer.  We kept in touch and I knew from our brief messages that it was coming to her in pieces … and I’m very OK with that.  The other day, she sent me the recipe and I popped it in the diffuser.  I mixed up my roller ball and have been using it every day as well.  It only took a few days for me to truly see and feel a shift.  I’m not saying the issue has completely resolved, but I have noticed a vast difference.

Do you have something you need to work through?  Or maybe you don’t even know what’s causing your symptoms.  The emotion clearing I do through health readings allows trapped/blocked energy to move through your body and release so much more.

At the beginning of the year, I knew my focus was to be on my overall health and well-being.  I set my intention to be connected with healers who could help me on this path.  I have been blessed to be connected with some amazing healers this year.

What do you want?  Set the intention and let the universe guide you to it.

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