Are You Wearing a Costume?

Have you forgotten who you are?  Are you covered in costumes which you’ve worn for the benefit of others?  And to protect yourself from the hurtfulness of those who didn’t understand you?  Maybe it’s time to cast them all aside and simply be yourself.  The self who came to this world – this temporary life – with a specific message.  You don’t even need to know what that “message” is.  For you see … YOU are the message and simply being yourself is more than enough.

No one carries the exact same message … although you will find some which are similar.  These are your companions for the current journey.  The similarities bring strength and comfort and allow each of you to exist in a world that often misunderstands you.  Find your tribe whether it’s through personal, one-to-one interaction, letters/emails, telephone, or other technology.  The cords of life which energetically connect you know no boundaries – including time and space.  Connect with those of like mind and encourage or empower one another as you travel this earth path life.

No matter how beautiful the mask or costume, it’s not YOU.  Time to remove it and let the real YOU shine bright.

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