Clearing Sacred Space

If you thought maybe you’d missed a post or something … the answer is “no”.  While I have every intention of posting on a weekly basis, sometimes LIFE happens and gets in the way or, quite, simply, I don’t have an inspiration to write anything.  You see, my posts aren’t planned ahead of time or thematic like many bloggers.  Mine are divinely/angelically inspired.  It could be what’s going on in the world or my community.  Maybe it’s a conversation I saw on Social Media or overheard somewhere.  Or maybe it’s a message Spirit wants me to share.

Lately though, I’ve been doing a lot of deeply personal clearing and these are usually times when it’s important for me to “be still” and allow the energies to re-balance.  My thoughts, feelings, and actions are personal and about Earth Girl Debi rather than Practitioner Debi.  Sometimes I share these, but more often they just clear the way for me to show up in a more authentic or REAL way for all of you.

I’m blessed that one of my massage therapists is deeply spiritual, intuitive, energy sensing, and helps to balance/ground me.  I have a couple others that are great at just the body-work part, but Alex is different.  I’ve been working on clearing out “that which no longer serves me” for several months now.  Evidently, there was a BIG energy shift during my last session with Alex.  My body felt like I had run a LONG race.  I can’t tell you how many trips I’ve made to the restroom the past few days and won’t share the particulars of the elimination that’s been taking place.  My diet hasn’t changed, I’m not sick, and I’m not purposely detoxing.  But obviously crap that I’ve been holding on to is being released.

While weight loss would be grand, I feel emotionally lighter and in a better place.  I am consistently more grounded and feel more peace and calm.  I’ll be real honest, I have been better the past couple of weeks with my morning quiet time and created a personal protection ritual which I do right after I get dressed.  I’m sure these, combined with my affirmations and that massage with Alex have moved a great deal of baggage out of my life.

If you don’t have a period of time during the day for your “sacred space”, I encourage you to begin one … even just a few minutes will help you begin to center and find balance.  This is especially true if you are in the midst of a storm.  At those times, we critically need to clear the chatter of our minds and allow the Divine to speak from a place of quiet stillness.  This is where peace comes from.  this is where we can be Divinely directed regarding that NEXT step we should take on our journey.

If things seem crazy, jumbled, chaotic, or uncertain … carve out a time to just “be” so you can connect with Spirit and receive the words that will let you move peacefully downstream instead of battling against the current.  Let your boat turn around and go with the flow of your life and patiently ask for only the NEXT step.  Taking each step as it comes will get you there.  I promise.

Life is not about the destination … it’s about the journey … and we can only do it one-step-at-a-time.

Maybe you’d like to share how you carve out quiet time and enable yourself to honor your sacred space.

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