Dream Weaver

The New Moon is only a couple days away and it’s time to set my intention for this moon cycle.  I started a new group on Facebook (you can find Lunar Alchemy here) and was thinking about what I needed to post to help folks with this first step.  During my quiet time this morning, Spirit reminded me that I needed to “dare to dream”.  You see, it’s been a long time since I dreamed about what I wanted in life.  My dreams have been replaced by “wishful thinking”.  My guardian angels used this language to remind me that “dreams” come from the heart and, well, “wishful thinking” comes from the head.  As someone who can over-analyze or plan almost anything, dreaming from the heart seems a little foreign to me at the moment.  I am going to do my best to step into this new place … and maybe that’s what my intention for the month needs to be … we’ll see.

For the past couple of weeks, part of my morning ritual has included a request to see and honor the signs and symbols that are place in my path throughout the day.  A little bit ago, I looked up to see a pretty big spider crossing the floor and it seemed to disappear into the woodwork.  I was busy at the time so couldn’t check out where it actually went, but I took a minute to thank it for it’s message and ask it to please go back outside.  The message of weaving my dreams into my personal web of life was pretty clear.

What dreams do you need to weave into your life?  What dreams do you need to feel from your heart and allow to rise up within you and enliven your soul?  I don’t know what dreams I might have that need to be acknowledged, but I now know what direction my New Moon intention will take.

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