Feeling Protected

Good morning everyone. I was sitting on my front porch a little while ago with my journal and a cup of coffee. Hurricane Irma is hitting south Florida and headed my way. I felt an overwhelming feeling that I need to share with folks who I hope will understand. I truly believe that everything has its own spirit, including our houses and cars and stuff like that. When my family bought our house 5+ years ago, there were a LOT of things on our “must have” list because we are a multi-generational family living under 1 roof. Although this house looked rough, I could see her structure was extremely sound and she just needed some thoughtfully applied cosmetics  She also had EVERYTHING on the “must have” list and then some.

My whole family LOVES this house. We struggled with what colors to paint, and we have waited for the house to let us know how to best utilize her for our needs. A couple of years ago, I painted one of the bedrooms … it is now our magic/healing room/office. Last weekend, I painted a second bedroom … the one I use (but not the master suite). We LOVE the functionality of this house but I have lately felt her “asking” me to help her be “pretty” for us as well as functional. So, this morning as I sit in my quiet time as I do every morning, I feel my house assuring me that she loves us as much as we love her and that she will protect us.

Yesterday, I asked my guardian angels to place themselves around the perimeter of my property to keep it safe. I truly feel like there is a dome of protection around and over us. I have also asked that our wonderful neighbors be kept safe and that we maintain power and water because several of our neighbors need power for medical reasons. We have boarded a few windows and have solid barricades in front of others. But we did this only after listening to so many “warnings” yesterday. I really didn’t feel like we needed to do it. I am a very detail-oriented, analytical, planner-type person by nature but we have simply gone about our weekend with a “business as usual” attitude … and my whole family feels this way. So … just wanted to share and hope that maybe others understand.

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