Free to be ME!

My life is anything BUT conventional and sometimes I really struggle with what Other People (OP) think. As I sat with my coffee this morning and let spirit and angels talk to me, I felt them saying “Your life is YOUR life. No one else needs to understand or validate the decisions you make for yourself or your family. Do everything with love and for the highest good.”

Those OP, they will assume and judge – this is their inner voice, inner critic, continuing to align with their concept of truth.  Is what you choose kind and compassionate? Do you set personal boundaries?  Live YOUR life YOUR way.  This is where you will find peace and fulfillment.  This is where your personal satisfaction lies.

Be fearless at being YOU and being REAL.  Show others how to own their own personal power.  Tradition is only tradition until it’s broken or changed.  Some things NEED to be changed.

It’s time to think and be outside the box.  Boxes are meant to contain similar items.  You are not like anyone else … you are UNIQUE!

Please leave me a comment and let me know how you plan to allow YOUR uniqueness to show up in YOUR world?  And BTW … if you click on the “ME” image, you can see a larger version with all those fabulous descriptions of what it means to be “you and only you”.

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