Gift Certificates

Are you busy?  Pre-occupied with work?  Too exhausted to even think about how to make the holidays special this year?  If that’s the case …

I Have The Perfect Solution For You!

A massage or energy healing session is the ideal gift for every occasion (birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby showers, and countless others)!  Treat a friend or family member to some much-needed and well-deserved relaxation, balance, and transformation.  It’s the perfect way to put your loved ones on the path to personal wellness.

Here’s How You Benefit!

No need to spend extra time (that you don’t have) shopping
No more stressing about what gift to purchase

Give Your Loved One Something They’ll Really Enjoy!

To purchase your gift certificate, click here.  Once you check out, visit this link to print the gift certificate of your choice (there’s a space on the certificate for the PayPal transaction number as verification of purchase).

You can also contact me and arrange to pick up gift certificates if you are in the Ocala Florida area.

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