Home or Office Clearing and Blessing

As a long-term, time-served mystic, one of the first things I do upon arrival to any new home/office (or purchase of a vehicle or other large item) is to clear or cleanse it and bless it.  For some this may sound silly, useless and superstitious … but I firmly believe that until you put your stamp on a place, it does not belong to you. This is true of newly built homes/offices and it is even more important for rented living or office space. To truly be content in a place where you intend to spend a lot of time and energy, it is first essential to align your energies with the space. This will help you create a more pleasant and conducive home and work life and ultimately an all-round boost to your personal well-being.

When is it recommended to perform a clearing/cleansing?

  • When you first move into a new home
  • When opening a new place of business
  • After bouts with illness
  • If you are not feeling “settled” or “comfortable” in the space
  • During transitional periods in your life (i.e. marriage, divorce, loss of loved one, career change …)
  • To help sell or rent real estate
  • When you wish to open the door to new opportunities

The first step for a good cleansing is to have an old-fashioned clearing out. Whether you have just moved in and are unpacking or you are already in residence, take a look at each object … hold it in your hands and ask yourself if you could live without it. If the answer is “yes”, put the item aside (trash, sell, donate) and move on to the next. Material items tie themselves to us and each is saturated in your energy and soaks up more and more as the days go by. If you don’t need it, get rid of it and stop it leeching from you. Once you start to downsize your possessions, you will likely begin to feel lighter.

The next step in clearing/cleansing and blessing.  Traditionally incense, bells, chimes and chants are used to cleanse and bless a space. This removes the old energies and clears the way for your own.  Once the ritual is completed you will likely notice that you feel more at home, more relaxed, and more comfortable in your space and you will begin to experience the benefit of being in alignment with your environment.

Cost is based on travel within a 25 mile radius* of my home and is directly related to the size of the space:

  • Up to 2000 sq ft:  $100.00
  • 2000-4000 sq ft:  $175.00
  • 4000-6000 sq ft:  $250.00
  • Over 6000 sq ft:  Contact Debi for a quote
  • Over 25 miles from my home:  an additional $1 per mile (one way).  Depending on distance and time needed for clearing/blessing, overnight accommodations my also need to be covered.
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