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You know, we’re typically conditioned from childhood to do things for ourselves and that asking for help is a sign of weakness and should only be a last-ditch measure.  I’m not sure this holds true in the real world but it’s definitely not the way the spirit world wants us to operate.

Our angels and guides are always there for us.  They are waiting to help us in every situation.  But they can only help when we invite them as they cannot impose upon our “free will”.  I am so conditioned to “go it alone” that I don’t even remember to ask the angels for help until I’m pretty damn desperate.  By this time, emotions and feelings are often running rampant.  And since feelings are the fuel for manifesting, letting them get out of control is probably not the best idea.

What if we asked for help and guidance along the way?  Before we even started something … even something as seemingly simple as running errands.  Yesterday I had to stop at a new store to pick up a few groceries after a doctor’s appointment.  The store was crowded and people were in a hurry and shelves needed to be re-stocked because they’d been so very busy.  Shoppers were NOT nice – to staff or other shoppers.   I don’t know about you, but I just don’t do well in crowded situations and this is especially true when tons of negative energy and attitudes are swirling.  By the time I got done and got home, I was not only exhausted, I just didn’t care about much of anything.

You see, I hadn’t thought much about heading out to the doctor and errands yesterday, and I hadn’t taken the time to ask my angels to help me along the way.  Now, I know that when I’ve asked for help with what I was pretty sure would be a challenging situation, things went rather smoothly.  But I’m so conditioned to do the regular, every day stuff on my own that I didn’t even bother to ask them to guide and guard me.

I don’t know about you, but it’s the normal every day stuff that sometimes gets to us in a really intense way.  Partly because it’s just there and kind of builds up and partly because we’ve not asked for those unexpected things … like frustrated, angry shoppers … to be buffered for us.  I was reminded in my quiet time this morning that my angels and guides are always there for me … IF ……

If … I ask for their help.  Otherwise they have to stand by and watch me floundering.  I don’t know about you, but it would be really hard for me to watch someone struggle, knowing I could help … if they only asked.

Are you going through things … maybe every day things … that would be easier …… IF you just asked your angels to guide and direct your path?  Let’s start doing that and see what happens.

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