Kansa Wand Face Massage

In Ayurveda, a holistic healing practice which has been around for thousands of years, it is believed that the mind and body operate in harmony and are inseparable.  As such, the mind has control over all the ailments of the body.  A Kansa wand is a small domed tool, made of bronze (an alloy of copper and tin and recognized in India as the “healing metals” … Kansa means Bronze).

The simple act of a facial massage can help to increase blood circulation.  This allows the skin cells to receive more oxygen and assists in the release of toxins which, in turn, calms inflammation.  Improved circulation from regular facial massages can help to reduce swelling and aid in drainage which can make the skin appear tighter.  Some might say it looks like an “instant facelift.” It is one of a few therapies will soothe your mind and spirit while simultaneously enhancing your appearance. There are no harsh chemicals and nobody peels anything off of you.

  • Gently mobilizes toxins and calms inflammation, redness and heat
  • Helps reduce face pain, head pain and tension
  • Helps with stress and anxiety, especially jaw tightness
  • Boosts the activity of your immune system
  • Helps to move lymph and improves circulation
  • Aids sleep quality
  • Promotes  relaxation

If you are feeling out of balance but not sure you want a full body massage, give this a try.

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