Manifest Your Dreams

My “dreams” have been a theme for a while now. My New Moon intention several weeks ago was to acknowledge and speak my dreams … for there is power in speaking.

I spent some time researching essential oils that would support this journey as I wasn’t able to find a blend that I could purchase. I thought I’d share it with the group in case someone else wanted to explore using EOs to support their journey. I use mine in a special candle as well as a diffuser. The could also be used in a carrier oil for personal used. If anyone would like more info on methods, I’d be glad to share.

The components help to release obstacles (physical and emotional), connect with intuition, and relax into clarity.  

If you don’t want to have to purchase the oils to put this together, I’ll be glad to make up a candle for you.  Here’s the link to purchase one. 

If you would rather purchase a bottle of the oil blend, please use the contact form to get in touch with me.

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