Mission – Vision – Values

My mission is to help people reduce stress, relieve pain, and find peace through the balance of body, mind, and spirit.  I believe Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki and other forms of energy work aid in achieving balance and well-being when each individual receives treatment according to his or her specific needs.  Compassionate, respectful, healing touch is the essence of massage therapy and assists the body in its natural healing process.

My vision is to maximize the health, balance, and well-being of my clients by providing therapeutic, trauma-sensitive modalities 
that help to integrate the whole person (body, mind, spirit).  I am committed to my personal growth and also to my continuing education as a spiritual healer and holistic practitioner.  I will provide a supportive environment where my clients are able to feel safe and supported on their journey of health and well-being.

Compassion/Kindness – Showing compassion to those around us is just a part of this.  It also means being kind to and taking care of self.  It means accepting as well as giving.  A kindness from another can have a powerful healing effect on our lives.
Integrity –This means walking my talk and being authentic and honest with self as well as others.  It is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
Respect – Mutual respect is built on trust and a willingness to put oneself in the other person’s shoes.  This means putting judgments aside and accepting people for who they are, and where they are, in this walk we call “life”.
Balance – Without balance in our lives, we take on too much and it capsizes the boat we travel in along our journey.  Learning how to find and maintain balance is a crucial life skill and one very much worth finding.
Education/Growth – Life is a cycle of learning and growing.  No day is exactly the same as any previous day – our routine may be the same, but our thoughts and future.
Community – When we stop to look around us, we see we are not as alone as we sometimes think or feel.  The health of the community is reflected in the health of the individuals in the community.  It is my desire to promote and encourage health by being an active, contributing member of the community.

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