Not a Coincidence

Learning to trust my intuition has been a challenge for me.  I second-guess my self on a regular basis.  After so many years of doing this work and seeing alignment, this continues to be an area of struggle for me.  One of my affirmations for the past month or so has been My intuition is strong and accurate.

I don’t believe in coincidence, I fully acknowledge the synchronicity of things showing up in our lives … signs, symbols, omens.  The past couple of weeks, my guides have been working overtime to help me trust my intuition.

I journal almost every day as part of my morning ritual.  I sit quietly with pen and paper (I’m still old school with that) and allow my guides and angels to provide my message for the day.  I also pull a card from one of my decks for additional reflection.

The other day, my journal message was about honoring the part of me that seeks truth and desires integrity in relationships and having the courage to walk a path that others often find very odd … they called me a truth-seeker.  Pretty accurate description of my life.  A few minutes later, I shuffled the cards of my Wisdom from Avalon deck (the one I’m using this month).  The card that literally popped up for me was Lady of the Lake and her message is … are you ready?  Absolute truth, courage, responsibility.  She presented the sword of truth to Merlin for Arthur … and indicated Arthur was to live a life of integrity.

At the beginning of the month, after my journal session, I received an email from an acquaintance who sends Your Month Ahead  horoscopes.  And he’s really good.  I was sipping my coffee as I read it, and almost spit it all over my laptop.  My month was to be about letting go of what I “should” do and seek joy in those things I “want” to do.  Gee … same message as I’d just received while journaling, and it also correlates to my full moon affirmation to let go of things which no longer serve me.

The readings  I’ve done for people the past few weeks have been reported to be extremely accurate and insightful.  While I’m pulling the cards and preparing the report, I’m thinking … “This makes no sense at all”.  Yet it makes perfect sense to the one who needs the message.  I just go with the flow when I’m doing a reading, but still struggle with honoring that same intuition for myself.

Are you ready to trust your intuition?  Maybe you need to take baby steps … that’s okay.  I’m still learning, too.  But I’m getting better at it and allowing my heart to talk more than my head … you see, I’m an over-thinker, an analyzer … it’s just part of “me”.  Allowing my heart to really get my feelings and emotions “through” to my head is a big deal for me.

That’s why I love this work.  When we see the signs and symbols that are being provided for us, life really starts to make sense and we receive the fore knowledge that helps us align with our soul purpose.

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  1. This seems to be an issue for me as well… I have been thoroughly interested in your site since receiving your card when you say in my section and ate dinner… The whole time you were there , I seemed to feel some type of connection towards you and couldn’t explain it until after you had left. I am curious to know more about your readings… AND love your site !! ~ Casie~

    • Hi Casie … Sorry I didn’t respond sooner but I just found this. We enjoyed having you as our server. Feel free to give me a call and we can chat about readings. I hope you’ve had a wonderful spring and wish you all the inner warmth of a summer sunrise.

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