Feeling Protected

Good morning everyone. I was sitting on my front porch a little while ago with my journal and a cup of coffee. Hurricane Irma is hitting south Florida and headed my way. I felt an overwhelming feeling that I need to share with folks who I hope will understand. I truly believe that everything has its own spirit, including our houses and cars and stuff like that. When my family bought our house 5+ years ago, there were a LOT of things on our “must have” list because we are a multi-generational family living under 1 roof. Although this house looked rough, I could see her structure was extremely sound and she just needed some thoughtfully applied cosmetics  She also had EVERYTHING on the “must have” list and then some.

My whole family LOVES this house. We struggled with what colors to paint, and we have waited for the house to let us know how to best utilize her for our needs. A couple of years ago, I painted one of the bedrooms … it is now our magic/healing room/office. Last weekend, I painted a second bedroom … the one I use (but not the master suite). We LOVE the functionality of this house but I have lately felt her “asking” me to help her be “pretty” for us as well as functional. So, this morning as I sit in my quiet time as I do every morning, I feel my house assuring me that she loves us as much as we love her and that she will protect us.

Yesterday, I asked my guardian angels to place themselves around the perimeter of my property to keep it safe. I truly feel like there is a dome of protection around and over us. I have also asked that our wonderful neighbors be kept safe and that we maintain power and water because several of our neighbors need power for medical reasons. We have boarded a few windows and have solid barricades in front of others. But we did this only after listening to so many “warnings” yesterday. I really didn’t feel like we needed to do it. I am a very detail-oriented, analytical, planner-type person by nature but we have simply gone about our weekend with a “business as usual” attitude … and my whole family feels this way. So … just wanted to share and hope that maybe others understand.

Manifest Your Dreams

My “dreams” have been a theme for a while now. My New Moon intention several weeks ago was to acknowledge and speak my dreams … for there is power in speaking.

I spent some time researching essential oils that would support this journey as I wasn’t able to find a blend that I could purchase. I thought I’d share it with the group in case someone else wanted to explore using EOs to support their journey. I use mine in a special candle as well as a diffuser. The could also be used in a carrier oil for personal used. If anyone would like more info on methods, I’d be glad to share.

The components help to release obstacles (physical and emotional), connect with intuition, and relax into clarity.  

If you don’t want to have to purchase the oils to put this together, I’ll be glad to make up a candle for you.  Here’s the link to purchase one. 

If you would rather purchase a bottle of the oil blend, please use the contact form to get in touch with me.

Dream Weaver

The New Moon is only a couple days away and it’s time to set my intention for this moon cycle.  I started a new group on Facebook (you can find Lunar Alchemy here) and was thinking about what I needed to post to help folks with this first step.  During my quiet time this morning, Spirit reminded me that I needed to “dare to dream”.  You see, it’s been a long time since I dreamed about what I wanted in life.  My dreams have been replaced by “wishful thinking”.  My guardian angels used this language to remind me that “dreams” come from the heart and, well, “wishful thinking” comes from the head.  As someone who can over-analyze or plan almost anything, dreaming from the heart seems a little foreign to me at the moment.  I am going to do my best to step into this new place … and maybe that’s what my intention for the month needs to be … we’ll see.

For the past couple of weeks, part of my morning ritual has included a request to see and honor the signs and symbols that are place in my path throughout the day.  A little bit ago, I looked up to see a pretty big spider crossing the floor and it seemed to disappear into the woodwork.  I was busy at the time so couldn’t check out where it actually went, but I took a minute to thank it for it’s message and ask it to please go back outside.  The message of weaving my dreams into my personal web of life was pretty clear.

What dreams do you need to weave into your life?  What dreams do you need to feel from your heart and allow to rise up within you and enliven your soul?  I don’t know what dreams I might have that need to be acknowledged, but I now know what direction my New Moon intention will take.

Clearing Sacred Space

If you thought maybe you’d missed a post or something … the answer is “no”.  While I have every intention of posting on a weekly basis, sometimes LIFE happens and gets in the way or, quite, simply, I don’t have an inspiration to write anything.  You see, my posts aren’t planned ahead of time or thematic like many bloggers.  Mine are divinely/angelically inspired.  It could be what’s going on in the world or my community.  Maybe it’s a conversation I saw on Social Media or overheard somewhere.  Or maybe it’s a message Spirit wants me to share.

Lately though, I’ve been doing a lot of deeply personal clearing and these are usually times when it’s important for me to “be still” and allow the energies to re-balance.  My thoughts, feelings, and actions are personal and about Earth Girl Debi rather than Practitioner Debi.  Sometimes I share these, but more often they just clear the way for me to show up in a more authentic or REAL way for all of you.

I’m blessed that one of my massage therapists is deeply spiritual, intuitive, energy sensing, and helps to balance/ground me.  I have a couple others that are great at just the body-work part, but Alex is different.  I’ve been working on clearing out “that which no longer serves me” for several months now.  Evidently, there was a BIG energy shift during my last session with Alex.  My body felt like I had run a LONG race.  I can’t tell you how many trips I’ve made to the restroom the past few days and won’t share the particulars of the elimination that’s been taking place.  My diet hasn’t changed, I’m not sick, and I’m not purposely detoxing.  But obviously crap that I’ve been holding on to is being released.

While weight loss would be grand, I feel emotionally lighter and in a better place.  I am consistently more grounded and feel more peace and calm.  I’ll be real honest, I have been better the past couple of weeks with my morning quiet time and created a personal protection ritual which I do right after I get dressed.  I’m sure these, combined with my affirmations and that massage with Alex have moved a great deal of baggage out of my life.

If you don’t have a period of time during the day for your “sacred space”, I encourage you to begin one … even just a few minutes will help you begin to center and find balance.  This is especially true if you are in the midst of a storm.  At those times, we critically need to clear the chatter of our minds and allow the Divine to speak from a place of quiet stillness.  This is where peace comes from.  this is where we can be Divinely directed regarding that NEXT step we should take on our journey.

If things seem crazy, jumbled, chaotic, or uncertain … carve out a time to just “be” so you can connect with Spirit and receive the words that will let you move peacefully downstream instead of battling against the current.  Let your boat turn around and go with the flow of your life and patiently ask for only the NEXT step.  Taking each step as it comes will get you there.  I promise.

Life is not about the destination … it’s about the journey … and we can only do it one-step-at-a-time.

Maybe you’d like to share how you carve out quiet time and enable yourself to honor your sacred space.

The Winds of Change

The winds of change are blowing in my life again.  Sometimes they are soft, gentle breezes.  Other times, like now, they are a full-blown tempest of raging winds.  I guess that’s what happens when you mentally decide to clear the clutter from your life.  You see, those gale-force winds blow away anything that’s not strongly anchored down.  In my case, it’s mostly a long-term relationship.  It takes two people working at it to really anchor a relationship to any kind of foundation.  Evidently, I was the only one putting in those anchor bolts.  You know, it really sucks … I’ve been doing my part for 7 years and thought things were getting pretty well shored up.  A minor conflict of plans completely tore things apart and the pieces are nowhere to be found.

So, now what?  Like I said earlier, I had decided to clear emotional/psychological clutter from my life and have been working on staying centered and balanced.  Evidently, this relationship was clutter that needed to be cleared … this whole thing happened in the course of just a couple of hours.  I’m sad as I really love this person, but he’s made his choices about priorities and I’m no really one of them.  I don’t know about you, but I want to be in a fully committed relationship and not just someone’s “part-time lover” that’s used to fill in empty spaces on an ever more complicated schedule.

Staying grounded has become my priority as centered and balanced will come from that.  Fully connecting with the divine and my angelic guides for direction is also my priority … they will help me map out my course of action and put me in a position to do the things I need to do for myself and for others.

Why do I tell you all this?  Because people tell me that I really have it all together … no, I don’t.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes of my life and there is stuff going on behind the scenes of everyone’s life.  You just never know unless you’ve been let in and allowed to see.  What you see as a grumpy old lady in line at the store today could be someone in my position … filled with sadness and confusion and experiencing grief and loss.  This is where compassion comes in … when we have compassion for humanity … what’s going on in their life doesn’t matter … we are kind simply because it’s who we are.  And in being kind, everyone wins.  Some people in those lines are just plain mean … others are like me and that smile you share could make all the difference in the world.

So, how about you … what little kindness can you do today to make a difference?

Free to be ME!

My life is anything BUT conventional and sometimes I really struggle with what Other People (OP) think. As I sat with my coffee this morning and let spirit and angels talk to me, I felt them saying “Your life is YOUR life. No one else needs to understand or validate the decisions you make for yourself or your family. Do everything with love and for the highest good.”

Those OP, they will assume and judge – this is their inner voice, inner critic, continuing to align with their concept of truth.  Is what you choose kind and compassionate? Do you set personal boundaries?  Live YOUR life YOUR way.   Read More

Topsy Turvy

My last post on “Morning Routine” sat here as a draft for quite a while before I posted it.  Things got more than just a little crazy at my house and my sacred ROUTINE wasn’t anywhere in the mix any more and life became Topsy Turvy (or up-side-down) in a BIG way.  Nothing was going right at work or at home and my stress level was through the roof.

I’d started a part-time job that took me away from my home office 4 days a week.  The job I’d had the past 6+ years ceased to exist as the company closed, and I started taking online classes to finish up the last 10 classes I need for my Bachelor’s degree.  Oh, and Read More

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