Free to be ME!

My life is anything BUT conventional and sometimes I really struggle with what Other People (OP) think. As I sat with my coffee this morning and let spirit and angels talk to me, I felt them saying “Your life is YOUR life. No one else needs to understand or validate the decisions you make for yourself or your family. Do everything with love and for the highest good.”

Those OP, they will assume and judge – this is their inner voice, inner critic, continuing to align with their concept of truth.  Is what you choose kind and compassionate? Do you set personal boundaries?  Live YOUR life YOUR way.   Read More

Topsy Turvy

My last post on “Morning Routine” sat here as a draft for quite a while before I posted it.  Things got more than just a little crazy at my house and my sacred ROUTINE wasn’t anywhere in the mix any more and life became Topsy Turvy (or up-side-down) in a BIG way.  Nothing was going right at work or at home and my stress level was through the roof.

I’d started a part-time job that took me away from my home office 4 days a week.  The job I’d had the past 6+ years ceased to exist as the company closed, and I started taking online classes to finish up the last 10 classes I need for my Bachelor’s degree.  Oh, and Read More

Morning Routine

In an earlier post, I referenced my morning routine.  I thought I’d expand on it a bit.  Personal rituals can be an important part of who we are and how we go about living “on purpose” or being fully present.  These rituals or routines help to stabilize our identity.

My morning routine, most days, provides the time and space for me to sit and just “listen” to what my guides and angels want me to know.  After rising and getting dressed, I brew a cup of coffee.  While this is happening, I take my vitamins and feed the dog.  Then I take my cup and head to my home office.

I put on some quiet, meditative music and light a small candle.  Then I put an essential oil blend Read More

Not a Coincidence

Learning to trust my intuition has been a challenge for me.  I second-guess my self on a regular basis.  After so many years of doing this work and seeing alignment, this continues to be an area of struggle for me.  One of my affirmations for the past month or so has been My intuition is strong and accurate.

I don’t believe in coincidence, I fully acknowledge the synchronicity of things showing up in our lives … signs, symbols, omens.  The past couple of weeks, my guides have been working overtime to help me trust my intuition.

I journal almost every day as part of my morning Read More

Angel Wings & Essential Oils

My family has used essential oils (EO) on and off for about 30 years … my mom got us started a LONG time ago.  I used them often when she was alive, but when she died about 12 years ago, none of the rest of us really picked up on it.  I think my niece got her oils, I got a book or two … but we never really did anything with it.

A couple of years ago, I went back to school for my massage therapy license and decided I wanted to incorporate some EO basics into my sessions.  I picked up some of my favorites and started doing a little research.  I even made a couple of blends for us when we had sore muscles or a Read More

Angel Numbers

All of my life, I’ve been one to think about and analyze things.  I am deeply philosophical by nature.  I plan things and I have been skeptical of the mystery surrounding the metaphysical world.  I have, in the past, been one who needed to see to believe.

I don’t know when this changed or even how.  One of my mantras now is “believing is seeing”.  Even so, when I first heard about the book Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue and Lynnette Brown, I again was skeptical that the numbers I was seeing as I went through my daily life held any meaning.  I could get on board with basic numerology and things like 11:11 Read More

My Mom

The Denim Shirt

It was early morning and I was in the kitchen waiting for the Keurig to finish brewing my cup of coffee.  My daughter and granddaughter live with me, and I knew my daughter was also awake.  I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye and started talking to my daughter about what we had going on that day.  But I didn’t get an answer.

I turned and looked for the light blue shirt  I’d seen just a minute before.  I even looked around the corner of the kitchen into the living room.  But there was nothing.  I went to my daughter’s room and she was curled up in her favorite chair with her laptop, already working.  It was obvious that she’d been there for a while … and she had on a bright red shirt. Read More

Just Ask

You know, we’re typically conditioned from childhood to do things for ourselves and that asking for help is a sign of weakness and should only be a last-ditch measure.  I’m not sure this holds true in the real world but it’s definitely not the way the spirit world wants us to operate.

Our angels and guides are always there for us.  They are waiting to help us in every situation.  But they can only help when we invite them as they cannot impose upon our “free will”.  I am so conditioned to “go it alone” that I don’t even remember to ask the angels for help until I’m pretty damn desperate.  By this time, emotions and feelings are often running rampant.   Read More

Religion and Fear

After a couple of discussions with people yesterday, I realized that something I thought was basic, fundamental knowledge … isn’t.

Folks … Muslim is a religion (like Christianity, Buddhism, Jewish, and many others). Muslim is NOT a country where someone lives (like the US, Columbia, Egypt, India) and it is not a continent (like North American, Africa, Asia).

Our country (I live in the US) is founded on religious freedom … the Puritans came here to escape the declared religious authority of their motherland … people were being killed because they refused to align with the country’s “declared” religion. Read More

It’s Been Cracked

There has been a huge crack in this melting pot we call American society. That crack has been covered up with matching wax (to make it look like it was great, whole, beautiful, and perfectly functioning).

Well, folks … our melting pot heated up the past few months and the wax filling that huge crack melted. All of the hatred and separatism that’s been simmering, under cover, for centuries just leaked out and the whole damn stove top (country) is covered with the residue. How do we clean it up? Read More

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