Assaulted by the Media

I hadn’t thought about it much as I stopped watching the news a long time ago. But it was mentioned in a group the other day that the news typically points out only the negative.  I knew this, that’s part of why I stopped watching the news.  If only people knew how much fear and negative energy this was putting into their lives and their vibration.

There was a time, not that long ago, when we didn’t need to talk about a concept like “random acts of kindness” … because people just did them.  But our media focus on the negative has left us in a perpetual feeling of gloom, doom, and fear. How great it would be if the media provided a 50/50 mix of good and bad? Read More

The Metronome Project

To what are you giving your time and energy? What are you creating in YOUR world with YOUR thoughts? In a sense, the world really does revolve around you. It constantly swirls with the energetic frequency of your thoughts and feelings. These are the magnets in your life which attract or repel everything in your life.

All of life attempts to join you with similar vibrations. This isn’t some magic thing or a line of BS. It’s based on the laws of physics. Have you ever seen the short video of 32 metronomes which synchronize to be in time? Take a minute Read More

Are You Wearing a Costume?

Have you forgotten who you are?  Are you covered in costumes which you’ve worn for the benefit of others?  And to protect yourself from the hurtfulness of those who didn’t understand you?  Maybe it’s time to cast them all aside and simply be yourself.  The self who came to this world – this temporary life – with a specific message.  You don’t even need to know what that “message” is.  For you see … YOU are the message and simply being yourself is more than enough.

No one carries the exact same message … although you will find some which are similar.  These are your companions for the current journey.  The similarities bring strength and comfort and allow each of you to exist in a world that often misunderstands you.  Find your tribe Read More

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