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Most Angel Card Readings include a detailed, written PDF report covering the query of your choice (PDF not included with Quickie).  The report also includes full-color images of the cards which were drawn. Please select one of the following for your reading:
  • $ 15   3-Card Quickie
     (intuitively drawn, short and sweet - no PDF with this one)
  • $ 30   Detailed 3-Card Spread (40+ ideas are listed here)
  • $ 50   Mini Spread - 5-7 Cards
  • $ 80  Celtic Cross - 10 cards

The Quickie is simply that ... I receive a picture of you and intuitively pull 3 cards with the message you need at the moment.  Your reading is a brief message sent via Facebook or email.  All other readings are detailed and include a written PDF report and and completed after you answer a few brief questions to provide me some background before I pull the cards.

Mini Spreads are popular as they give a more insight than a 3-card reading, yet they aren’t as long, intense, or expensive as a Celtic Cross (10 card) reading.  A Mini Spread can be used for almost any situation and are ideal when someone needs quick answers, help seeking a course of action, or support through a time of transition and change.  A Mini Spread addresses the main focus or area of concern; motivations or what’s behind the issue; problems, fears, challenges that need to be addressed; what changes might have a positive impact; process or possible outcome.

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