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Each Reiki session is unique, based on your needs, with the focus being to aid your body in harmonizing the ebb and flow of energy. Reiki encourages relaxation which, in turn, allows the body let to go of stress, emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, and blocked energy. This creates the internal space for promoting alignment with connected wholeness. It’s not about figuring out what’s “wrong” so much as it’s about allowing the body to tap into what’s “right” and then fueling that feeling with more energy so your body can self-correct. Reiki is a way to re-align the energy field which helps us think, sleep, and feel better. Common benefits include: feeling peaceful, quieting of mind, and reducing or eliminating pain. Each session is approximately 60 minutes in length and also includes quiet, meditative music and chakra balancing which supports and enhances the flow of energy throughout the body. Many people benefit from receiving sessions on a regular basis, and I offer package discounts. I will be happy to apply the cost of your initial session to a package.