Religion and Fear

After a couple of discussions with people yesterday, I realized that something I thought was basic, fundamental knowledge … isn’t.

Folks … Muslim is a religion (like Christianity, Buddhism, Jewish, and many others). Muslim is NOT a country where someone lives (like the US, Columbia, Egypt, India) and it is not a continent (like North American, Africa, Asia).

Our country (I live in the US) is founded on religious freedom … the Puritans came here to escape the declared religious authority of their motherland … people were being killed because they refused to align with the country’s “declared” religion. As a country founded on religious freedom … we allow ALL religions to be practiced here. Just because it isn’t YOUR religion, doesn’t mean it’s not allowed. Religious freedom is guaranteed in our Constitution … always has been and I sure as hell hope it always will be.

Different doesn’t mean we need to fear. Different simply means there is something we don’t know … maybe it’s not such a bad thing to learn something new and have a better understanding of the world around us.

It saddens me that so many people find the unknown so terribly frightening.

Sometimes the unknown provides life’s greatest adventure.

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