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I believe access to a variety of therapies is essential to a healthy lifestyle.  With this commitment in mind, it is my desire to provide the community with incredibly affordable services.  Each session is a unique experience driven by your individual needs.  I use my experience and a variety of techniques to design a session which will assist you along your wellness journey.

In-person and remote sessions are scheduled appointments.  Please call 352-209-0303 or email me ( to make an appointment.*  Not familiar with how a remote session works or is possible?  Check out the video clip on this page.

90 Min Sessions — $65
60 Min Sessions — $45
30 Min Sessions — $25

60 Min – Massage – my Signature Massage includes a variety of Swedish massage techniques to create a customized massage designed to relax the nervous system, stimulate circulation, loosen tight muscles, open energy channels, improve flexibility, and relieve stress and anxiety.

60 Min – Reiki – a lovely Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation of the body and mind. It typically increases feelings of peacefulness, balance and wholeness.  This, then, aids in promoting healing as it facilitates stress reduction and relaxation.  Client remains fully clothed, minus shoes for comfort.

30 Min – Kansa Wand Face Massage – reduces stress and provides a gentle face-lifting therapy, using a bronze-capped massage wand and organic natural massage oils.  Client remains fully clothed, minus shoes for comfort.  All natural … no electronic gadgets, batteries, harmful radiations or chemicals.

30 Min – Ion Foot Cleanse – detoxifying session uses ion charged water to draw toxins out of the body through the feet. Some clients report feeling energized after enjoying this treatment. The 30-minute treatment is very relaxing as well as detoxifying. THOSE WHO HAVE A PACEMAKER, ARE PREGNANT, OR BREASTFEEDING MAY NOT RECEIVE THIS TREATMENT. Please advise your therapist of any open sores or wounds you may have on your feet.

60 Min – Chakra Balancing – can provide the following benefits: relaxes the body, increases clarity, reduces confusion, opens perspectives, reduces stress, brings feelings of peace, harmony, and kindness. Client remains fully clothed, minus shoes for comfort. No diagnosis is done, just a chakra balance based on concepts of energy movement.

60 Min – Ear Candling – A natural, safe, effective way to balance the sinuses and pressure within the ear. If you are having trouble hearing or just having a lot of discomfort, you may find relief with an ear candling session. A neck and facial/scalp massage completes the process by draining the sinuses and relaxing your entire face to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

90 Min – Flower Essence Consultation – Flower essences stimulate the healing of emotional and persistent repressed mental or emotional conflicts. While not as well-known as herbal medicine or homeopathy or even essential oils … they are potent, powerful allies for those who are committed to a path of self-reflection and personal freedom.  They enable us to become more positive, open-minded and vital so we can reach our full potential.

30 Min – Stress Less Session – A quiet, relaxing atmosphere with aromatherapy and a guided meditation allow you to let go of tension and connect with inner strength.  Relaxation and meditation can provide benefits that enhance states of peace, relaxation and harmony.

90 Min – Integrated Healing Session – a blend of energy healing techniques creates a customized session for the client’s individual needs.  Offers a unified, whole-body approach to a calmer mind and a healthier spirit.

30 Min – Emotion Code Session – kinesiology (muscle testing) is used to identify trapped emotions and patterns contributing to symptoms you are experiencing.  Energetic blockages are then removed … leaving you free to live your life with more joy and balance.

Coaching Sessions & Readings Affordable private coaching sessions and oracle card readings to help you gain insight and develop a plan to navigate the road ahead of you.

Home or Office Clearing/Blessing – Energy is everywhere, and all space holds energy.  Much of the energy around us is negative, stagnant, heavy, conflict-driven, and fear-based. A home or business clearing/blessing removes these fear-based, negative energies and replaces them with positive, lighter, healing, love-based energies. It clears the way for abundance, creativity, and overall well-being.  Price is based on the size of the space … see this page for details and pricing.

Session length is approximate.  Debi reserves the right to choose an alternate form of healing upon consultation with the patient.  Many can also be either in-person or remote … if you’re interested in a remote session but not sure if it applies, please contact me.

Many sessions/modalities are powerful and effective for adults, children and pets/animals as well.

*These services are not a replacement for medical care. As such, the therapist/practitioner does not prescribe medical treatment or medication, nor does she perform spinal manipulations. These treatments are not a substitute for medical treatment and/or diagnosis.  It is recommended that clients see the services of a licensed health care professional for any physical and or mental conditions that they may be concerned about.


Lynne S August 5, 2016 UK

Debi is a very beautiful soul. A talented Oracle Card Reader – the reading she compiled for me was very loving and full of hope and encouragement. Very accurate reading which described my situation perfectly. A very gifted lady, I would strongly recommend a reading from her.


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