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Angels are non-denominational universal spiritual beings.  Each of us has guardian angels … yes, even you!  They are always with you and can help you with anything.  Connecting with the unconditional love of the angelic realm helps to bring forth loving wisdom which provides clarity, support, and guidance for your life journey.  Angel readings are a beautiful way to connect you with divine guidance which can inspire, uplift, and empower you on your journey.  Angel readings bathe you in love and light, and always provide information for your highest good … meaning … the message enables you to grow, learn, or more steadily walk your path or journey.

More about Debi

In addition to being a Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master/Teacher, Debi has received several certifications from Earth Angel (Dr. Doreen Virtue).  Over the past 20 years, she has studied the work of numerous metaphysical and angel experts and participated in a wide variety of classes and workshops (both online and in person).  For more than 10 years, she has been helping others discover the magic of the journey we call “life”.

I offer the following kinds of Readings and Sessions*

Reiki Sessions – to re-align the energy field which helps us think, sleep, and feel better
Angel & Oracle Card Readings – Angel/Oracle cards are used to help clarify a situation
Integrated Energy Healing Session – a blend of energy-based healing techniques to create harmony, balance, and transformation

More about your Reading

I prefer to provide readings remotely.  This allows me to work from a quiet, sacred space in my home (or in nature) and I am able to more easily connect with, hear, and feel the angelic realm and to fully focus on you and the issue/situation you wish to address.  Without time constraints or the stress/complications from wayward technology or other interruptions, I am able to spend as much time with your angels as needed to provide the insight, direction, and message the angels have for you.  This allows for a much more thorough and meaningful session.

All remote Readings and Energy Sessions include a detailed report of your session.  Your personalized report (in PDF format) is sent via email and clients love this feature of my readings.  Your report can be saved or printed which allows you to reflect on the information for clarification or look back on it at a later date as validation. Angel/Oracle Card Readings also include full-color images of all cards drawn as well as written interpretation of those cards.

If you are in the Ocala, Florida area and prefer to have a one-on-one consultation, these are occassionally available.  Please call to schedule your session (352-209-0303).  Written reports are not provided with these sessions and a travel/mileage fee may be assessed depending on the distance from my home.

I have worked with people all over the world and I am confident that I can connect with you and your angels no matter where you are.  Are you ready to schedule your reading or session?  Click here.

NOTE:  Integrated Energy Healing Sessions are also very helpful for pets and animals.  I have worked with cats, dogs, and horses.  Rescue animals can benefit tremendously from this work.


*Clicking on the hyperlink for each reading will provide further explanation.


Ron September 17, 2016 Alabama

My reading with Debi was very accurate. It gave me perspective on my life and the knowledge to be my better self. I would recommend her to those in need of help , insight, and guidance. Thanks, Debi

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