Stress Less Session

Modern life is stressful. It’s more than stressful – it’s relentless. From office drudgery to the grey streets, more and more of us are seeking an escape from mundane lives. More and more of us are turning to Mindfulness as a way of life to assuage the longing in our souls which demands we cast it all aside and return to balance. It is widely recognized in the scientific community that Mindfulness, meditation, and being out in nature are three things that help us improve our overall health and well-being.  Guided meditations provide the perfect entrance.

If you have ever tried to meditate on your own, you know how difficult it can be. The point of meditation is to quiet your mind and allow you to find value in the present and in the simpler joys of life. Many people try meditation once and give up because it is tremendously difficult to still one’s mind – it can take Tibetan Monks years to perfect the practice.  Yet, if you keep at it, the effects will resonate through every facet of your life. Even a single session per week can boost your immune system, focus your concentration, and improve your stamina – not to mention the benefits to your mental health!

During your guided meditation session, you can choose to sit or lie down (several comfy options are available).  The room is softly lit with flickering candles and dim lighting and a hint of aromatherapy designed for relaxation is in the air.  The goal is simply to aid in deep relaxation. In this way, guided meditation is particularly useful for those seeking to control long-term pain or anxiety.  I provide the quiet space and atmosphere to help you reach a meditative state.  Once there, key words and phrases will direct you through the time of contemplation and reflection.

When you emerge from your guided meditation you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated.  It is likely that you will have received insights which will empower and encourage you.

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