The Denim Shirt

My Mom

It was early morning and I was in the kitchen waiting for the Keurig to finish brewing my cup of coffee.  My daughter and granddaughter live with me, and I knew my daughter was also awake.  I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye and started talking to my daughter about what we had going on that day.  But I didn’t get an answer.

I turned and looked for the light blue shirt  I’d seen just a minute before.  I even looked around the corner of the kitchen into the living room.  But there was nothing.  I went to my daughter’s room and she was curled up in her favorite chair with her laptop, already working.  It was obvious that she’d been there for a while … and she had on a bright red shirt.

Whoa !! … stopped me in my tracks.  I can often “feel” someone/something … but I don’t usually “see” them.  About that time, my daughter looked up and I said something like “Did you know we have spirits in the house?”  She said, “Yep.  Especially at this time of year.”  And she smiled that little “knowing smirk” and went back to work.

It’s the end of November and her birthday as well as her grandmother’s (my mom* – who is deceased) were last week.  Thanksgiving was a few days ago and the winter holidays are right around the corner.   This time of year was one of my mom’s favorites, as well as that of a dear friend (Linda) who died about 6 years ago.

This would also explain the reason I’ve felt almost compelled to find some denim shirts and put some embroidery embellishments above the pockets.  Both my mom and Linda wore these shirts almost every day … kind of like a “uniform”.  My maternal grandmother also wore these shirts every day on the farm where I grew up.  I’m blessed to be able to work from home, so maybe it’s time for me to adopt the “uniform” as well.

*Featured image is my mom and was taken several years before she passed.

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