The Metronome Project

To what are you giving your time and energy? What are you creating in YOUR world with YOUR thoughts? In a sense, the world really does revolve around you. It constantly swirls with the energetic frequency of your thoughts and feelings. These are the magnets in your life which attract or repel everything in your life.

All of life attempts to join you with similar vibrations. This isn’t some magic thing or a line of BS. It’s based on the laws of physics. Have you ever seen the short video of 32 metronomes which synchronize to be in time? Take a minute to watch the video below. I think you’ll be amazed.

Did you notice, at one point they were all on the same beat but one was to the right when the others were left and visa versa (it was one toward the front in the far right hand column). It got off beat for a bit so it could be going the same direction … it got in step. The word metronome is Greek in origin: metron “measure” and nomos “regulating, law.” Life is like this too. It’s trying to align more of your vibration to you. It’s what the term “birds of a feather flock together” means. If you don’t like the crow you’re with, change yourself and the crowd will change — there will no longer be any synchronicity … although changing may be easier if you remove yourself from the crowd first.

Maybe your concern is money and your constant thought is “I hate being broke.” Your thoughts and feelings focus on the concept of “broke” … lack or not enough. A change in the thought will change the frequency around you and allow money to flow more easily. A better statement would simply be “I always have more than enough.” This doesn’t make any huge statement that can’t align with your subconscious. It simply states “enough and then some”.

When you start with something small and see it happen/change, it creates a foundation upon which to place your next change of belief and now you are building a different life for yourself. What thoughts can you change today that will change your world?

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  1. I love this post! I’ve known about the law of attraction for a long time, but using the metronome video really made that reality hit home at a deeper level. And, I love the suggestion to start small. I teach this in classes I teach about clutter clearing. It was a great reminder to me to apply that in all areas of my life.

    • So glad you found it helpful. We’ve been doing a lot of clutter clearing at our house the past few weeks. Little by little, it feels good.

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