Topsy Turvy

My last post on “Morning Routine” sat here as a draft for quite a while before I posted it.  Things got more than just a little crazy at my house and my sacred ROUTINE wasn’t anywhere in the mix any more and life became Topsy Turvy (or up-side-down) in a BIG way.  Nothing was going right at work or at home and my stress level was through the roof.

I’d started a part-time job that took me away from my home office 4 days a week.  The job I’d had the past 6+ years ceased to exist as the company closed, and I started taking online classes to finish up the last 10 classes I need for my Bachelor’s degree.  Oh, and my son’s job changed too as we were both working at the company that closed.  We’d completely rearranged all the rooms in the house to allow 3 adults and a child to have more autonomy and NOTHING was really put away… it was all taking up residence in the living room which was supposed to be my sanctuary.

I don’t know about you, but boxes and bins and shelves stashed in every available space was anything BUT sacred and it was really getting to me.  I cleared a little space around the sofa and the TV screen so I could watch a TED talk and some Abraham Hicks every morning before I headed off to the new office.  It helped, but not enough.  Although I don’t typically use traditional Western medicine, I got a prescription for my growing anxiety and was finally able to breathe, eat, and sleep.  I started using what little free time I had to do whatever my heart wanted … sometimes it was just sitting and looking out the window, sometimes it was dinner with a friend.  I gave up pushing for the “A” in both of my classes and just did the best I could without it causing me too much added stress … next term I’m only taking ONE class !!!!

I tell people all the time that we need to make sure we carve out or schedule time for self in our day-to-day lives … but I’d gotten too busy to follow my own advise and it almost derailed me.

I have MY space again, but it’s not completely organized.  I found the kitchen table, so we were able to eat dinner together tonight instead of in our bedrooms or wherever we could find a space big enough to plant our seat.  The floor in my granddaughter’s room can be seen again, and her learning space is in the breakfast nook in the kitchen.  There is finally light at the end of the tunnel!

I offered some free readings on my of the groups I follow on Facebook.  If you’d like to be considered for a free reading, leave a comment and I’ll pick some from here as well.  I know I’ve been absent for a while, and I’m really sorry about that.  I promise to do better in the coming months.

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