What Are Flower Essences?

A flower essence session enhances the individual’s awareness of personal patterns by dilute flower preparations.  This is accomplished by giving the individual a conscious opportunity to continue or change the way they do things. An individual no longer needs flower essences after change and growth has occurred.

There is a theory that the frequency of the life energy of a particular flower affects the frequency of the life energy in people, bringing vibrations that are out of balance into balance. Everything in the universe carries a vibration including colors, sounds, and organs in the body. Some even say flower essences work in the same way as a synchronizing tuning fork, balancing out emotional, mental, and spiritual disharmonies.

An example of flower essences is the Five Flower Formula which helps stress, panic, and fear. It is also known as the “rescue blend.” Through a spiritual perspective, it affects a sense of peace and stillness, as well as a deeper sense of acceptance and understanding. Once that is achieved, the individual will no longer need that flower essence combination.

Emotional and mental personality “glitches” caused the Bach Flower Essences to be developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. These glitches get an individual stuck, unable to move forward and to make progress. Dr. Bach believed illness was a result of personality imbalances and studied for many years to make the flower essences that balance different behaviors. Imbalance results in ill health and can cause the body to dysfunction or not heal properly. Bach Flower Essences enable an individual to regain health, and are beneficial to adults, children, plants, and pets.

Flower essences are made by picking fresh flowers, still wet with morning dew, and allowing them to sit in direct sunlight for several hours in spring water. Brandy is added as a preservative in a 1:1 ratio to water. This process creates an imprint of energy of the flower into the water, embodying the healing archetype of the plant. This is an energetic infusion that contains no physical or molecular presence of the flower. It is then bottled, and sold in stores. Flower essences impact an individual’s body through mental and spiritual changes, and have no direct impact on the body’s biochemistry as do prescription drugs.

Flower essences are normally taken orally, but are also available in crèmes, sprays, and used in baths. The key word is “essence,” meaning the energy of the flower is ingested, not the roots, leaves, stems, or seeds of the flower. Flower essences are like counselors in bottles – they help an individual become aware of what he/she is unconsciously thinking, believing, or doing, and how these actions are holding him/her back.

Flower essences can help sleep disturbances , depression, eating disorders, workaholism, fatigue and exhaustion, perfectionism , lack of direction , lack of focus and concentration, co-dependence and attachment, low sex drive, lack of motivation, broken relationships, death and loss , lack of boundaries, procrastination, anxiety, restlessness, transition and change ,anger, immune disturbances, self-defeatist habits and patterns, shame, abuse, stress, low self-esteem , arrogance, any kind of trauma, and more. They are also helpful with infant and children issues such as sleep disturbances, excessive crying, teething, neglect, nightmares, aggression or shyness, bullying, fear, anxiety, clinginess and over-dependence, bed-wetting, transition or any kind of change and more. Flower essences help an individual get to the root of whatever is holding them back from being “who they really are.

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