What Happens After a Session or Reading?

I’m often asked what kind of feelings you may experience after a session or reading (emotional and physical). To be honest … it all depends.  Some folks feel energized and fantastic while others feel emotionally drained or out-of-sorts.  And it depends on whether you are sensitive to vibrational energy shifts in your body. Energy healing may be subtle – but it is very powerful and can be a wonderful tool that leads to profound health benefits.  Let me see if I can explain …

Whenever we do energy work (and that’s what all my work is about), we are changing the body’s vibrational energy.  Most folks can’t physically “see” this, but many can definitely “feel” it.  Energy work is similar to nutritional detox plans in that the work releases toxins that are not good for the body.  In the case of energy work, we’re releasing stagnant energy.  This could bring up a variety of symptoms and this will be unique for each person … sometimes it’s emotions (fear, anxiety, crying, etc) and sometimes it’s physical (digestive, headache, nausea, etc). Some folks experience mild sensations and others are more intense.  These are commonly called a “healing crisis” … I prefer the term “healing event.”  You can read more about it here

You may experience physical or emotional symptoms with any of the work I do as the angels are working with you and your body to help bring about your highest good.  Please note that you should NEVER forego appropriate medical treatment for severe or ongoing symptoms.

Some of the things you can do if you are experiencing physical or emotional symptoms are:

  • Be sure to stay hydrated. Water helps to flush toxins through your body for proper elimination.  It also helps to maintain proper sodium balance for brain and muscle function.  Listen to your body.
  • Get the rest you need. Low energy levels are your body’s way to tell you it needs something … namely, sleep … so the body can restore itself.  Sleep allows our body and mind to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Meditation and journal work. These help to quiet your mind also to let go of what’s going through your mind.  Sitting quietly and just letting your thoughts wander and then flow out onto the paper can be very cleansing.  Are you noticing a lot of negative “self-talk” or “chatter”?  These thought patterns are coming to the surface to help you understand that changes in your thought processes are needed.  How can you shift your focus about these things to be more beneficial in creating the life you want.
  • Nourish your body. With healthy foods and drinks.  It might be helpful to avoid/reduce junk food, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, etc.  Your body is detoxing and good, wholesome foods will assist this process.
  • Practice good self-care. Too many of us don’t do nice things for ourselves.  We are always doing for everyone else and it seems we don’t have time for “self”.  Now is the time to be good to yourself so you can release that which needs to be “let go” and allow yourself the space to move forward.

What about another session?
This is entirely up to you. Some people will receive benefit from a single session.  Many people benefit from several closely spaced sessions, while others feel they need some time in between to allow their body to stabilize to the new vibration.  While we live in a “quick fix” society, our expectations for immediate “healing” are usually unrealistic.  Healing often takes time and is a process.  You may feel that you need to seek medical or other therapy instead of or in addition to energy work.  Trust your intuition.  Your body and angels will tell you what YOU need.  It’s YOUR call.

The following YouTube video provides a great explanation of the Healing Crisis as it relates to Reiki or other energy work.

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