What is an Ion Foot Cleanse?

An ionic foot bath cleanse is a method of detoxing that uses a foot bath. The foot bath uses negatively charged ions to remove foreign materials, like chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, and other things from the body. The way it does this is pretty scientific but also pretty easy to understand once it’s been explained.  

An ionic foot bath works using electrolysis. It negatively charges ions in the water of a foot spa so that they can be absorbed by the body easily. It’s sort of like charging a battery. Tons of these ions are created and then absorbed by the body where they go on to attach themselves to positively charged molecules that belong to the harmful substances. This process allows the body to eliminate them and enables you to feel better. The process can take several days after a foot bath and you may find it beneficial to have a session once a week in the beginning and then monthly for maintenance.   Like charging a battery, there’s a limit to how much the body can absorb/release at one time.  

The foot bath combines water, sea salt, and a very small (and non-harmful) electrical current to split the water particles in the bath, turning them into the negatively charged ions that are then absorbed by the body to promote healing on a cellular level. They then enter the body and break the positively charge energy bonds that the toxins use to attach themselves to your body. Once that’s done they float freely until they’re ejected from the body like any other harmful entity.  

The immune system in your body uses T-cells to keep you fit and healthy. The more toxins present in your Lymphatic System, the fewer T-cells there are.  This compromises your immune system. If your lymphatic system becomes too clogged, you may find yourself becoming ill frequently or always fighting off “something”.

If you have a lot of tenderness on the outside of your ribs, in your neck, or under your jaw, or find yourself frequently ill, there is a good chance your immune system is compromised and needs a boost.

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