What is Chakra Balancing?

Health is the result of harmonizing all the aspects of one’s self: body, mind, soul (spirit). Someone enjoying an authentic state of well-being has mastered his own processes of cleansing, integration and inner creation. Humans are complex and mysterious clusters of energy, animated by the flow of existence and bursting with infinite potential in the genesis of all that is. In order for someone to reach that state of empowerment and enter consciously in the space of co-creation, one needs to emerge from the state of disharmony – fear, illnesses, powerlessness – and find balance.

So, how do we find balance? Inner equilibrium is related to the seven main energy wheels of the body – the chakras. These centers play an essential role in the way we perceive ourselves and the outer world – which is also an extension of ourselves. An unbalanced chakra can cause physical illness, emotional torment, mental blur and chaotic behavior. When in pain, there is a serious imbalance in our energy field; we can identify and repair it by ourselves or assisted by a healer.

The Root Chakra governs physical power and security, stability and vitality; when unbalanced it causes lack of confidence, depression, money issues, aggression and suicidal ideations and actions.

The Sacral Chakra administrates sexuality, natural healing, clear emotions and creativity. When unbalanced jealousy, self-denying, addictions and loneliness are some of the symptoms one endures.

Solar Plexus governs self-esteem, empowerment, and alignment with the truth; when disrupted, dependency, arrogance, anxiety, digestive problems and self-condemnation appear.

Heart Chakra is all about love, compassion, openness and nurture. Lack of balance in this center is shown by paranoia, heart and lung problems, excessive criticism, manic depression, self-pity.

The attributes of a balanced Throat Chakra are good communication, inspiration, creativity, presence. Unbalance it causes poor communication, infections, dogmatism, timidity, inability to hear the truth, inclination towards manipulating.

The Third Eye administrates clarity of thoughts and emotions, intuition, charisma, vision. When the energy flux in this center is interrupted, the consequences are obsession, dependence, nervousness, on-going thinking, eyes or facial problems.

A harmonized Crown Chakra governs spirituality, integration and awareness. Unbalanced it causes head issues, confusion, constant frustration and psychotic episodes.

An important aspect in healing ourselves as a whole is focusing our attention on the inner processes that never cease. Once we become aware of what happens energetically within, we can at last, make conscious choices towards regaining our inborn state of health.

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