What is Ear Candling?

Ear Candling, also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is used to improve general health and well-being.  It is a safe, simple, pleasant and non-invasive therapy which can aid in the treatment of a variety of conditions as it helps regulate pressure in the ears. The burning action of the candles works like a chimney, infusing the essential oils into a vapor, which is drawn into the auditory canal. This performs a very subtle massaging function, gently stimulating secretion flow as well as softening any impurities. This, in turn, regulates the pressure system within the ear and the head, making the candle treatment suitable for many conditions.

Despite claims made on many websites, the candles do not suck wax out of the ear or cure anything by themselves. The debris seen inside a used candle is not ear wax but rather waste from the candle itself. Candling stimulates the body to produce more oils which naturally softens and excess ear wax works its way out of the ear canal. This natural process is not instant but rather takes several days to complete.  In the days following the treatment, you may find earwax is naturally expelled. It is important to avoid the use of cotton swabs to clean the ears, as this would push any earwax back into the ear.

Some of its benefits are:

  • Regulation of pressure in ears and head which may ease headache, migraine, sinusitis, and rhinitis
  • Gentle heat stimulates blood circulation which brings fresh oxygen to ear/head tissues and enhances the metabolic removal of waste/toxins
  • The gentle “breath” stimulates the lymphatic system helping to drain the sinus tubes and activate the immune system to remove bacteria.
  • Deeply relaxing and calming to soothe anxiety and reduce stress
  • Encourages deep physical and mental relaxation
  • Acupressure massage helps to relax facial and scalp muscles which also aides in the release of tension and pain
  • A feeling of wellbeing develops as pain relieving endorphins and the mood enhancing chemical serotonin are released
  • Essential oils have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, calming, uplifting and soothing

Ear candles, while gaining popularity, may not be the first thing that you think of to treat ear, nose and throat problems.  Ear Candling may relieve pressure and pain, mainly in the ear and head area, and can be used to alleviate blockage in the sinus passages.  A session can also be helpful for pressure regulation after flying, swimming or diving and is extremely soothing and helpful for a variety of conditions and an effective treatment for children too.

The practice or art of ear candling has been used since 2500 BC in many civilization (Egypt, India, Greece, Rome, China, and Tibet).  Their use is also depicted in ancient wall paintings of many Native and Aboriginal cultures (Mayan, Aztec, Hopi).  The ear canal represents a doorway for the release of stagnant energy and is recognized as an important healing site.  The Chinese, for example, recognize auricular acupuncture points and there are people specifically trained in Ear Reflexology.  The ancient Egyptians employed reeds in this technique. Native Americans created ear candles using corn husks, dipping them in beeswax to make a hollow candle.

Candling stimulates the chakra system to clear and strengthen the auric bodies.  The ear contains nerve endings and acupuncture points to other areas of the body, mind, and emotions. These nerve endings are interconnected by streams of the subtle energy which carry our life force energy or Ki (chi, qi, prana). When hearing is impaired or blocked, we are disconnected from that energy.  Ear candling acts as a catalyst to clear energetic debris accumulated on nerve endings. This allows for clear vibrational flow to the corresponding area of the mind, body and spirit. This, in turn, clears the way for other methods of healing.

An ear candle is beeswax-coated cloth which is shaped into a cylinder. The tapered end of a hollow candle is placed snugly into the ear and the other end is the lit.  The burning action of the ear candle infuses the essential oils into a vapor which is drawn into the auditory canal.  This performs a massaging function as well as softening and drawing out any impurities.  I do not make any claims that candling cures conditions, only that it will help to bring balance and promote healing.  The vapor created during this procedure easily permeates this difficult-to-reach-area and allows your body to enjoy the medicinal properties (anti-viral, anti-bacterial) of the essential oils.

Many clients report a state of complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation; and some even fall asleep. Many will comment on feeling a soothing, liberating, light sensation in the ear and head areas.  Your ear candling session includes massage of the lymphatic area around the head, neck, and face which very gently encourages the fluid from sinuses to drain toward the lymph nodes.  This may aid in the release of sinus tension and headaches related to common colds etc.

The Ear Candles I use are handcrafted in the US from beeswax, unbleached organically grown muslin & pure and essential oils (a blend of Echinacea, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus) which is then rolled into a hollow cigar-like tube.

Ear candling is not recommended as a replacement for responsible medical care. If you have or suspect a serious health issue, please consult your physician before beginning ear candling. Information regarding ear candling is not to be construed as a diagnosis or a medical prescription. The diagnosis of illness and prescriptions are to be provided by a licensed physician.  No claims are made for the cure of any disease.

This product should not be used to treat any infection of the inner or outer ear.  Ear Candling should not be done in the following situations: recent ear surgery, cysts in the ear, mastoiditis in its acute phase, ear drains (tubes), recent ear injury or damage to the ear drum, artificial ear drums and tumors of the ear.

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