Wisdom is in the Stillness

Every morning I sit in a rocking chair on my front porch with my coffee and journal.  No one else in my home is yet awake.  It is my special time.  My time to reflect and to talk to my Creator (God, Source, Spirit,  …).  Part of this morning ritual involves noticing signs or symbols that may be different than “normal”.  I believe Spirit speaks to me in the things that are all around me … including people, animals, even the weather.  This morning, there were lots of birds chattering and singing.  Not really unusual.  But among the noise, almost unnoticeable, I heard the soft sounds of an owl.  I couldn’t see her/him, but if I listened closely, the gentle “who, who” was there.

I noted the owl in my journal and reflected on what it might mean.  There is so much noise in the world today.  So many people loudly demanding attention and to be noticed.  Yet, in the quietness, there are some who are making bold statements.  These statements often receive harsh criticism because they are “different” and striking a chord of disharmony among the masses.  People are being asked to change long-held beliefs and ways of life.  People feel protests are dividing us.  Yes, they are.  Protests make things uncomfortable for a reason … they make us think (normally about injustice).

If we listen, the wisdom borne from the silence can teach us so many things.  Be still and let your heart talk to you.  Don’t listen to the chaos around you.  Don’t listen to the programming from the past.  Don’t listen to hateful rhetoric of the ages.  Listen to your heart and listen for love.  Let wisdom talk to you and reveal truth.  It’s not usually what we expect and often moves us out of our comfort zone.

But truth, that is what we all seek and that is what wisdom wishes to share.

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