Heart & Soul Session

What is a Heart & Soul Session?

A Heart & Soul Session is an invitation for you to explore and uncover messages your soul wants to bring to your awareness. This 1-hour private coaching call will seek the wisdom of your heart and soul as well as that of the Divine. We will create the sacred space needed to provide insight and allow you to gain clarity.

During this session, I will scan your energy body for areas which may be blocked and causing interference with your ability to create a life that makes your heart sing. We will ask your angels to participate in the session as well. They will share Divinely guided messages that your heart needs to hear for the next steps in your journey.

We all need to talk to someone who can help us navigate our hopes and dreams. And yet, for many these helpful conversations can’t take place due to the high cost of many private coaching sessions. It is my desire to work with and encourage those who know there is something else out there for them, but just don’t know how to go about aligning with the Source energy to take the next step. I provide affordable sessions because not everyone has a 6-figure income and living our dreams shouldn’t be only for the rich.  All sessions take place via phone.

If you know there is more out there for you but just don’t know what it is or how to get in touch with your inner knowing to find it, schedule a session and let’s explore. The cost of a 1-hour session is $75. If you know you’d like to have several sessions, a package of 4 is $250 and can spread over several months to allow time after each session for you to integrate and align to the new energies.

Yes, I’m ready to schedule my call.

Click here to schedule your session(s) today.
1 session – $75
4 sessions – $250

Once you’ve paid for your session(s), you’ll receive an email from Debi to coordinate the time of your session.  Sessions can usually be scheduled within a week’s time.

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